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The game of golf is our inspiration behind our teaching tactics at Excel Youth Academy, so it should come to no surprise that we would include some golf jargon in our core values.


For those of you who are unfamiliar with golf terms, “FORE” is the word that is called out by other golfers and bystanders to warn people who may be in the path of a golf ball in flight. Essentially, “FORE” creates an opportunity to see something coming before it can affect you—this is the foundation and driver of our core values. Our organization thrives on preparation!









a Code of Conduct can always be found in any society, professional setting, or communal environment.


At EYA, we value the importance of a positive demeanor.


We teach our youth members that polite behavior will open doors rather than leave them closed.

at EYA, we believe that confidence stems from trust—trust in yourself and your abilities, trust in your peers, and trust in your community.


We teach our youth members to believe in themselves and their skillsets, in addition to encouraging their peers to do the same.

at EYA, we encourage our youth members to push through the roadblocks that they are bound to face in life.


We arm them with the knowledge of knowing that if success is what they want, then they must not be fearful of failure.


We believe that the people who are steadfast in doing something despite difficulty or delay, end up achieving success.

Honesty is still the best policy.


We teach our youth members to be internally consistent and to uphold a moral uprightness.

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