•  There’s NO competing for a spot in our Junior Strokes clinic and lessons.                                                        

  • There’s NO scraping together funds for junior golf tournaments.                                     

  • There’s NO wondering how you’ll afford Summer camp.  



  • There IS exclusive access and priority to participate in all partnered community events and programs.                                                                         

  • There IS access to food & cooking education, agriculture education, and financial education.                                                         

  • There IS an opportunity for scholarships to camp and tournaments.                                                                    

  • There IS discounted equipment and apparel with supporting partners.                                                       

  • There IS mentorship and guidance in your child’s interest (even if it’s unrelated to golf).                         

  • There IS private in-person and virtual access to our educational and tutoring partners.                                  

  • There IS experience to build professional relationships and resources for the future.


ALSO, starting with 2022 Members, you are automatically signed up for Youth on Course (YOC) which allows junior golfers access to playing for $5 or less at more than 1,700 participating courses! YOC also believes in setting up members for success beyond the green through caddie programs, paid high school internships, and college scholarships.


AND, Trap Golf merchandise discount code is given to every member to keep members golf ready on and off the course! With EYA’s relationship to the community, we aim to help our youth gain access to local events and programs at little or no cost to parents and caregivers.


For your child’s membership, we ask that parents or guardians make a monetary donation of at least $75 annually to sponsor the resources necessary to create these opportunities. That’s less than $ 0.21 a day for the entire year!


We understand that $75 may be hard to come by or gather, so please consider increment options available overtime to make donation easier.


*This page is for membership from 2021 through 2022