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Joining as an Exposure Club member means no competing for a spot in our exclusive Junior Strokes clinic and lessons. Say goodbye to the hassle of scraping together funds for junior golf tournaments. 
As a member, these opportunities become seamless, ensuring your scholar's path to golf excellence is both accessible and stress-free!


  • There IS exclusive access and priority to participate in all partnered community events and programs.                                                                         

  • There IS access to food & cooking education, agriculture education, and financial education.                                                         

  • There IS an opportunity for scholarships to camp, clinics and or tournaments.                                                                    

  • There IS discounted equipment and apparel with supporting partners.                                                       

  • There IS mentorship and guidance in your child’s interest (even if it’s unrelated to golf).                         

  • There IS private in-person and virtual access to our educational and tutoring partners.                                  

  • There IS experience to build professional relationships and resources for the future.


Join EYA Exposure Club for an Unforgettable Experience!

Unlock a world of opportunities for your child with the EYA Exposure Club, where golf and S.T.E.A.M education converge. Our nonprofit organization is dedicated to providing an enriching experience that goes beyond the green.


Membership Benefits:

  • Season Golf and S.T.E.A.M Clinics Access (2 clinics per season)

  • (2) Private Jr. Golf Lesson - Complimentary

  • Discounted Individual or Group Lessons

  • Complimentary Access to Jr Night Golf Contest (1 per each season)

  • Entry Fee waived to Attend a Youth Golf League Tournament.

  • YOC 2024 Membership - (Gives access to play golf in Georgia and all around the U.S. for only a $5 fee)

  • Complimentary Jr Chef virtual cooking class (1 per each season)

  • Golf starter kit: Balls, Tees, Divot Fixer, Ball Marker

By joining, you ensure your child receives quality instruction, exposure to exciting events, and a chance to connect with like-minded peers.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity! Enroll now for Spring 2024 Membership or Sponsor a deserving scholar here and let the journey with EYA Exposure Club fun begin!

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